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About Us

There’s no doubt about it. Americans are waste generators. Whether by the constant desire for new things and getting rid of our old things, our renovations and new construction, or the basic trash collection, we are just inclined to dispose more. Now there’s a company that’s part of the solution doing it in an eco-friendly way.

Introducing 1-800 Mr. rubbish, a family-owned & operated business servicing a wide range of residential and business customers. Our concept is based on years of successful operations in the rubbish removal and hauling industries around the New York metro area. We are focused on trash, so our clients don’t have to. Servicing our clients remains our priority. 1-800 Mr. Rubbish is here for the long haul!

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Main Office: Brooklyn, NY
Toll Free: 800-677-8224
Phone: 718-768-3700
Fax: 718-833-2224

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